A list of exchanges that support Safemoon

Not all exchanges may be supported in your country, state, province, or region. We advise you do your own research to see which one is best for you.
Exchange Listings( = does not offer tokenomics )
BitMartSFM / USDT4.5.2021
WhiteBitSFM / USDT4.5.2021
Gate.IOSFM / USDT4.23.2021
BurencySFM / USDT5.12.2021
BitForexSFM / USDT5.11.2021
ZBGSFM / USDT5.11.2021
BitrueSFM / USDT5.18.2021
HotBitSFM / USDT4.23.2021
MXCSFM / USDT5.11.2021
BitBNSSFM / USDT5.14.2021
BikiSFM / USDT5.10.2021
DeCoinSFM / USDT5.12.2021
LBankSFM / USDT5.28.2021
PancakeSwapSFM / BNB3.1.2021

Date format: m.d.y

SafeMoon Protocol

The SafeMoon Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade:
Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.